Damn it - Jury Duty

I was watching this movie last night on my DVR, called Runaway Jury, starring Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman and John Cusack.  It was fascinating, as I love the mental part of things... movies, books, ebooks... life.

So that got me to thinking about what if an attractive woman hypnotist got called for jury duty and she had a secret agenda about how the trial should go.

Damn I said to myself as I ripped open the official looking letter from the county court.  I was being called for jury duty.  NOT NOW.... I have so many things going on, I just can't....  I can't ......

But I did, and found myself in the jury prep room (not sure what they call it) where all the prospective jurors congregate and drink the most horrible coffee ever imagined. It certainly is not the fine imported beans I grind to brew and savor.  Certainly not!!

I look about the room, like I do in any group, seeing mostly common regular men and women. I hear there is a high profile case, but really folks, I need to get back to work and not waste my time here. I do notice a few men and the occasional woman checking me out in my tight jeans, boots and a knit top.  I try to smile

Finally they start to call a few perspective jurors out in pairs or sometimes three at a time.  Finally they come in with a long list and call 37 of us in for jury selection.  Gosh, I think that is overkill but I have been given number 069, which is one of my favorite numbers so I have to smile at that while we are being led like cattle into the courtroom to be questioned by the competing lawyer types to see who will be on the jury.  I really detest this but I am trying to do my civic duty.

So we are questioned one at a time about our thoughts concerning executive pay versus shareholder equity and low employee wages. This is a class action suit against one of the large banks, but we have only been given a slight heads up on what is going on.  I notice an attractive girl, who I later find out is named emily, being asked about her occupation and any prejudices she might have concerning the scant details. There is also a huge football player type person , being questioned.  And of course all the others, too many to remember.

Finally they get around to me, asking me my profession and then whether they think my profession would offer any conflict of interest.  Then they ask me about any thoughts I have on either the plaintiff side or the prosecution side. Satisfied they move on to a house wife looking woman, that turns out to be exactly that.  A long day of jury selection for sure and the next morning they will let us know who is selected. I ignore most of the stares I receive as I figure I will not see these people after tomorrow. As a note: I definitely have thoughts about this case and hope I can get on to help influence some of my fellow jurors.  *smiles* 


Leeanne Montgomery said...

You could have so much fun Miss Sharon...

Sissy Kaaren said...

I would be on a sequestered jury with you anytime Ms. Sharun